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FarmChem Engineering Management Ltd manages a complete range of experienced and accomplished Engineering Professionals, whom have established Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) as a unique and professional producer of engineers in the Refinery and Petrochemical Plant Management.

​Trinidad and Tobago has been involved in oil production, petrochemical and refinery operations for more than 154 years since the first successful production well was drilled in 1866. The Industrial Estates of Trinidad are located at Point Lisas, Claxton Bay, Point-a-Pierre and Point Fortin and boasts several world class Petro-Chemical and GTL industrial plants that have together, made Trinidad and Tobago world leaders in the production of Ammonia, Urea, Methanol and LNG.

​From the inception of the Industrial Estates of Point Lisas, nationals of Trinidad and Tobago have built up an impressive base of engineering expertise working alongside other international professionals in the development, design, construction, commissioning and operating of the 34+ industrial plants located within the Point Lisas Industrial Estate. Our engineers are recognized globally for their professional engineering skills and commissioning management within the Oil and Gas Industry.


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FarmChem has established teams of problem-solving professional engineers, technicians and managers that have developed and honed their unique blend of, creative and inventive thinking when problem-solving within challenging environments. Our professionals have both extensive local and international experience with a specific focus on Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning across the Petro-Chemical Industry.

FarmChem is based in Trinidad for two key reasons, the first is we are strategically located as a hub for Central, North and South America including Western Africa. However, and more importantly, we are based in Trinidad for its excellent pool of engineers and engineering managers within the Oil and Gas Industry.


•  Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning  •  Inspection - Nondestructive Testing  •  Lube Oil Flushing  •  Chemical Cleaning            •  Steam Cleaning  •  Catalyst Loading • High-Pressure Nitrogen Pumping  •  Equipment Rentals (pumps and compressors) 

•  Chemical Product Supply and Delivery  •  Water Well Drilling and Completion Operator Training  •  Global Standard Safety Training



Engineering experienced in successful timely Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning services for Petro-Chemical and GTL Industry across the world.


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“We are problem solvers.”

Experienced in successful timely Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning inclusive of operational maintenance services for Oil and Gas Industry across the world.

FarmChem utilizes Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and or Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI).


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FarmChem utilizes Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and or Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI). NDI is essential for constructing and maintaining all types of components and structures. To identify any deficiencies, there are various methods of testing, X-ray, Ultrasound plus Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI).

Lube Oil Flushing a procedure in pre-commissioning

Lube Oil Flushing

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Flushing is an essential maintenance procedure in pre-commissioning, which is designed to flush lube oil through the lines of gas/steam turbines for a period of 24hrs matching the manufactures' guidelines. This procedure extends the life of rotating equipment, turbines, compressors and engines.

Steam Blowing

Steam Blowing

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Before systems are put into service, the effective removal of mill scale and construction debris from newly installed permanent steam systems is carried out. This Pre-Commissioning practice ensures the system functions correctly and extends the life of associated equipment. Steam blowing is performed with the necessary silencers to minimize noise and disruption to plant operations.

Chemical Cleaning using the Circulation method.
Catalyst Loading
Operator OJT Training

Operator OJT Training

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Global Standard Safety Training

Global Standard Safety Training 

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FarmChem provides quality safety and emergency response training which includes;

  • Fire Training

  • First Aid

  • Rigging and Lifting

  • Drone and Robotic Inspection Training Services

  • On and Offshore Training

Process Training

Process Training

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FarmChem delivers comprehensive workshops that establish a practical understanding of the fundamentals, technology, operations, troubleshooting, performance monitoring and the economics of the process. Our workshops deliver the knowledge required for comprehensive decision making while boosting the capabilities of each attendee through practical insights into a range of processes.

The ONE-STOP-SHOP FarmChem Operational Services
in Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning




FarmChem has a wealth of experience in pre-commissioning and commissioning operations within the chemical and petrochemical industries. From this, we are able to see the transition which is taking place in these industries, through practices such as: reducing greenhouse emissions from chemical and petrochemical facilities, as well as incorporating green technologies and renewable forms of energy. 
Our pre-commissioning and commissioning works on the NiQuan GTL plant in Trinidad allows us to lay the path into this sustainable energy journey, through the production of zero-sulphur diesel on the facility.
We at FarmChem see that significant changes are underway, and are actively involved in the adaptation of our knowledge and skillsets in order to play a qualified role in the spearheading of this transition. FarmChem has a key interest in the carbon capture and hydrogen industries, as vehicles for change, and we have already begun to invest in our knowledge practices and strategies while aligning with our sustainable energy partners. FarmChem has a calculated approach assuring a return on the investments in expansion and generation of electricity from renewable sources of energy in Trinidad and across the Caribbean. Our diverse team of forward thinking Engineers and progressive sustainable professionals in FarmChem can design and operate renewable power generation utilities on any scale.
Green Power (Methanol Generator 8.4Mega Watts)
FarmChem’s ‘One Stop Shop’ of operational services enhance and complement our Engineering Services to our clients hence, FarmChem also installs and supplies up to 8.4Mega Watts of Green Power via our Methanol Generator. In the generation and management of this industrial power supply FarmChem operates and maintains a 24/7 support service which includes a stores and warehouse facility for operational works. 


FarmChem Sustainable Energy and Development Team is heavily invested in Green Hydrogen, Solar and Wind Technologies, including Carbon Capture Utilization Storage.
FarmChem having a keen interest in sustainability globally is working as a catalyst in guiding and assisting companies to transition away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy solutions. FarmChem’s goals are to improve both new and existing facilities through sustainable initiatives.


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Project Management execution within the Oil and Gas industry has one core aim throughout any project and that is to ensure the most accurate decisions are made at all times. Define It, Design It, Do It, Deliver It. FarmChem Engineering Management Ltd. measures and appraises projects prior to commencement of works, measuring the following SEVEN Phases:

  1. Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

  2. Procurement of Long Lead Equipment

  3. Risk Analysis and Mitigation

  4. Construction and Fabrication

  5. Onshore Pre-Commissioning

  6. Logistics of Transportation and Installation

  7. Commissioning and Certification of Operation


During the execution of any and all commissioning contracts, FarmChem reports and tracks the commissioning protocols of all processes by following process specific Manuals, Procedures and Checklists that all embrace HSE protocols in accident prevention and risk reduction. With FarmChem’s formal documentation development and Project Management Practices, customers, achieve ‘end to end’ documented system completions for both short term tasks and long-term milestones. With each completed task and milestone, the overall schedule is updated in real time providing the customer with the most up to date progression.






Collyns Farmer
Managing Director
Business and Finance





As Pre-commissioning and Commissioning specialists, it is essential we offer our customers the highest calibre of troubleshooting skills and solutions provided by technically skilled teams specific to each plants’ process systems. FarmChem’s highly technical teams provide a seamless transition from construction all the way through to stable and continuous operation of process plants.

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FarmChem Engineers

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“Setting the New Service Standard”

for Oilfield Services.

A multi-service organization, providing services, products and solutions to the energy industry since 1939. Our goal is to supply people, products and equipment that deliver the best in quality, service and value to our customers.


Caribbean Industrial Agricultural Chemical Services Ltd, (CIACS) has provided comprehensive catalyst management services for Hydrogen plants, Steam Reformers, Ammonia Converters, Sulphur Recovery Units, Vacuum Gas Oil, Hydrotreaters, Hydrocrackers, Desulphurization Unit, Ethylene Reactors, FCC, CCR, MED and many other reactors.


Licensed Professional Engineering specializing in state-of-the-art chemical and mechanical cleaning design, implementation and supervision, including Chemical Cleaning, Steam Blowing, Air Blowing, Lube Oil Flushing and Pipeline pigging.


Professional Inspection Services Ltd (PISL) has more than 10 years of experience in providing world class Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean. in providing world class Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services.


HHSL Safety Systems Limited – Specialist in Safety & Emergency Response Training, Manpower, Equipment Sales & Consultancy Services.

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Professional. Innovative. Safe. Reliable.

Growing Business and Processes

We help you optimize your operating assets and processes while maximizing profit. Leave technical challenges with us and focus on your core business.

Safe TO Work (STOW) is a certification programme for the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management systems of contractors who serve Trinidad & Tobago's energy sector. 

The programme is currently used by 23 of the major clients to prequalify their contractors.





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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: Gregory Farmer +1(868)485-4581 or Sebastian Hunt-Farmer +1(868)495-1649. To greater assist us to respond to your needs, please complete the form below with as much detailed information as possible.

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