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Pointe a Pierre lights up again, as Niquan GTL opens

Express Newspaper Article

Mar 9, 2021.

NiQuan Energy’s Gas to Liquids (GTL) plant at Pointe-a-Pierre has been opened by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley.

The plant has a capacity of 2,400 barrels per day and produces high-performance, low emissions energy products; GTL Paraffinic Diesel and GTL Naphtha, from natural gas.

NiQUAN GTL is the first commercial plant of its type in the western hemisphere.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on Monday, Rowley said: “This gas-to-liquids plant is a prime example of the successful development of the country’s export potential of higher value-added products, through the collaboration of the private sector, the banking sector, and the Government. Let me congratulate NiQuan and all parties involved in seeing this project through to completion. I wish NiQuan the greatest success in its future operations because its success redounds to the country’s benefit and that of all its citizens.”

Mr. Ainsley Gill, Group CEO of NiQuan Energy said: “GTL represents clean energy – a bridge from a dirty energy past to a cleaner energy future. It’s a bridge that everyone wanted to build but, for many reasons, most of them have failed. With this plant, NiQuan Energy has built the first bridge and there will be more, many more. And not just in Trinidad and Tobago and the Americas but around the world. Our clean energy products will make a difference. That’s the belief that’s driven us from day one. It’s what we promised to deliver and we’ve kept our promise here today.”

The plant achieved a local content of over 90 percent and was financed using regional resources.

Gill said: “Originally, we conceived of a project financed internationally, the reality is that it has been financed regionally which, we believe, is a first for a major energy infrastructure project in the Caribbean.”

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